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Sponsor a Student for the Sisters Only Language Summit!


As well as championing Black women in language already part of the community, here at SOLS we are always on the lookout for ways to encourage the next generation.

We know for many the financial cost of a ticket is an unfortunate but recurring obstacle, one which often prevents educational access to those who need it, especially for Black women.

That's why we are encouraging everyone to SPONSOR A STUDENT TICKET, where you can fund an individual or group of Black language learners, who would benefit greatly from attending SOLS.

We believe currently the language learning market is not always accessible or welcoming to those from marginalised backgrounds, and that many Black women can often feel discouraged by lack of representation and resources in the language learning world.

By funding a student to attend SOLS, you can help provide them with an opportunity to attend inspiring classes and talks, feel elevated and represented in the presence of other Black women who love languages as much as they do; as well as gaining essential tools for their language learning journey.

Sponsor a Student here.

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