Learn a language through discovering its music

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Why learn a language through music?


Your brain retains more information through making associations

Uses the same areas of your brain

Your brain uses some of the same systems to process language as it does to listen to music.

Open to everyone

You don't need musical ears, just an open mind!

Its fun!

Learn about different artists, styles of music, cultures and histories

What's it all about?

Languages through Music is the place where you can learn a language whilst listening to great playlists! 


We think language learning should be fun and part of your daily life.

Languages through Music will expand your musical knowledge, as well as teach you vocabulary used in everyday language. 


Great pioneering idea, fantastic upbeat teacher, nice visuals and graphic design, amazing musical taste and knowledge and genuine positive vibes!
I think greater things in life always come out of amalgamations and this one is perfect for culture lovers. Not sure if I am more looking forward the weekly language lesson or the musical discoveries and the windows they leave open towards their actual culture. All way round a pleasure. All way round a beauty delivered weekly on my own iphone. A weekly reminder of what make us beautifully human.
Why should learning difference be other than that? And thinking it that way even a political and activist initiative. Nothing but a big up.

C. Morales


"Learning a language is fun... especially when you start singing along to the songs"

"Great job, Desta! Learning a language is fun, especially when you start singing along to the songs! I found the course to be very insightful.

Desta was very engaged. She made it enjoyable. The quizzes were a great addition; and made the experience more interactive.

Languages through Music Portuguese is a great concept and I am looking forward to learning more from Desta in the future.

Obrigada, Desta, for sharing your knowledge with us!:-)"


"Basically, perfect!"

"Language through music is definitely a must if you want to learn a new language! It's a different way of learning a new language, but easy, fun and also very effective. You're not only learning new words and how to pronounce them, but you're also getting some insight about the culture, the artists and you'll receive some guidelines to help you memorise the language without any pressure from anyone. Desta is amazing! She's patient, she explains what you need to know and provides you with the right tools to facilitate your learning process. Furthermore, her choice of music is very well chosen, basically perfect. Obrigada, Desta!" 


"I've been introduced to some of the most beautiful songs"

"Languages through music, where do I start? If you are considering doing this then whatever is holding you back, put it aside. You will not regret it. So far, in two sessions I have learnt some very key Portuguese words and phrases and been introduced to some of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Being able to learn in the comfort of my own home has been a treat after a long day at work. I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and hope to continue until I am fluent enough to travel with confidence. Obrigada 💜"

Z. Woodroffe


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